Laughter is indeed the best medicine

Who does not like to laugh? In the midst of a demanding and exhausting school day that sometimes is anything but fun, everybody looks for a special change that encourages students, makes them laugh and, therefore, lifts the spirits. As the GRG10 Laaerberg accommodates creative teachers and students, resourceful ideas often emerge, like hosting a real comedy show in the middle of a school building. So, how was this interesting intention received and did the comedy show really deliver what it promised to be – funny?

The show took place on the 10th of January 2023, right after the Christmas holidays at 11 o’clock in the event hall of the school. The most significant part of a comedy show, the audience, consisted of four classes: one 7th form (7B) und three 6th forms (6A, 6C and 6D). Furthermore, the show was exceptionally well attended – no seat remained unoccupied, space in the hall was rather scarce; everyone was excited about what was coming. The head of the performance was the comedian Reginald Barris, who entertained the audience for almost an hour and, additionally, saved some students a maths lesson, some others a biology lesson.

But who is Reginald Barris? Reginald, also called RB, is an Afro-American comedian who has been living in Vienna for almost ten years. RB travelled various countries and continents around the globe and, therefore, learned extensively about numerous cultures and customs. This information helped him become a first-class comedian, as he takes advantage of his knowledge and wraps it up in his sometimes extraordinary black-humor jokes. Prejudices, stereotypes, clichés – everything is present.

The rumor of teenagers being hard to make laugh did definitely not apply – at least that day.
At the beginning , everyone was rather skeptical and probably had to analyze the situation first. However, the audience opened up over time and really start enjoying RB’s jokes und performance. Personally, the comedy show exceeded my expectations and was definitely worth watching. The mix of his funny gesticulations and the way of telling a joke were very appealing and commendable. Nevertheless, I am convinced that RB is a born comedian because of his interesting appearance and especially his look. So, he definitely chose the right job for the rest of his lifetime.

In conclusion, people say laughter is the best medicine for a reason, because every student and teacher came out of the event hall with a huge grin after the comedic performance. The resourceful idea of organizing a comedy show in school has undeniably paid off and was appreciated by a great number of students who were looking for a welcoming variety in their everyday school life. Finally, the students of GRG10 Laaerberg are looking forward to additional, unusual, funny and varied events that embellish and enrich school programme in the foreseeable future.