Cambridge 2019 7ac

Our Language Trip to Cambridge
by 7a and 7c

Last September we, 7a and 7c, were allowed to spend two weeks in Cambridge, where we experienced the British daily life at first hand. All of us stayed at host families and generally speaking, all of the families were very friendly, helpful and extremely polite.

Our language school was great! The teachers were well-qualified and socially competent. For example, they taught us about British habits, slang and the UK in general. Furthermore, they helped as a lot with our final presentations we had to hold at the end of the trip. Some of us will never forget Sandra’s true dedication!

Besides school, we did a lot of excursions. For instance, we went to London by train. For most of us it was the very first time to be in London. Mr. Gradwohl and Ms. Geschl did a walking tour with us, so we could see the most important sights like London Eye, Houses Of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square and many more. But there was not only London we went to! Stratford-upon-Avon, where Shakespeare’s birth place is, was a beautiful day trip. Also the impressive Warwick Castle was worth a visit! We enjoyed getting lost in the castle’s maze.

During our free-time we enjoyed riding our bikes a lot. That was simply awesome! We often met at a park, where we hung around together and played games, which was so much fun. Talking about the fun part, especially 7a had a good time at the karaoke. Those songs we sang will stuck in our heads for ever.

Within the two weeks we could get a feeling of how life is in Great Britain. We, 7a and 7c, had a great time with each other and our teachers! For that we are very grateful.

Terrific and unforgettable memories we made!